LS Express The Online Retail POS for Microsoft Dynamics 365


LS Express The Online Retail POS for Microsoft Dynamics 365

LS Express is a native app to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and shares the familiar Microsoft look and feel and business logic. Manage your inventory, sales, and accounting in the same environment, without having to switch in and out of different applications.
The total integration to the Microsoft suite gives you many possibilities to improve service and increase profitability: customize your sales receipts adding your logo or greetings in Microsoft Word, or run your customer sales history through Microsoft’s Power BI to optimize your purchasing.




LS Express The Online Retail POS for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Don’t let your current POS and accounting system hinder your growth


Small and medium retailers operate in a very competitive environment. From management of large inventory, to demands for superior customer service, to the need to maintain healthy financials while competing with larger enterprises, the world retail is extremely challenging – especially for the smaller businesses.

For one-store retailers it can be hard to find the right software solution for their needs, as the systems on the market often fall into one of two categories: too expensive to install, or affordable but not powerful or flexible enough.

Introducing LS Express: the web Point Of Sale and accounting system for ambitious small retailers

A light and easy online retail POS with powerful accounting and back-office functionalities

LS Express is an online Point of Sale (POS) system for small retailers using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This retail POS extension is integrated with the Microsoft suite of products, which means no more switching in and out of applications: you can now do everything in one, single system. And as it is cloud-based, LS Express costs a fraction of the price of an offline POS.

LS Express will follow the Microsoft Dynamics 365 release schedule, so it’s currently available in English in USA, Canada, the UK and Denmark. More regions and languages will follow.

Pay only for the capabilities you need

Decrease your maintenance and startup costs and always stay within budget with a cloud-based software solution. With LS Express you pay only for the services you need: choose the number of POS that best fits your company.

It’s high season, and you need more POS? Just contact our support and we will  increase or decrease their number, depending on your business needs. You don’t need an IT team to do that – and it just takes a few minutes. Quick, simple and convenient.

Easy to run and maintain

Setting up LS Express takes less than 10 minutes – and you are ready to sell.

Touch optimized and responsive

Run it on your favorite web browser on mobile, tablet or computer.

Always up to date

The system will update automatically at every new release.

Familiar business environment

It’s very easy to learn for anyone used to Microsoft products, such as Office.

Lower costs

Decrease your maintenance and startup costs with a cloud-based software solution.

Your business, anywhere, anytime

Access your data safely any time you need to, wherever you are.


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