DESIGNED FOR RETAILERS OF ALL SIZES from small companies to large enterprises

LS One is a feature-rich, quick-to-learn, and extremely resilient Point of Sale (POS) system. Serve your customers faster and better, perform store operations on mobile devices, and manage your stores more effectively with LS One.

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LS One POS tablet
  • Make your staff mobile in-store with mPOS and inventory on mobile devices
  • Run an omni-channel business: LS One integrates with your e-commerce platform
  • Reduce capital binding in inventory through effective stock management
  • Gain a real-time overview of your business as ERP and POS communicate instantly
  • Customize the system to your needs thanks to the open-source architecture
  • Run an international business: LS One is available in multiple languages
Point of Sale
Search and select an item by name, barcode, or image. Then complete the transaction, or suspend it and recall it for later processing.
Each button on the POS can be connected to a standard LS One operation,  or customized to your needs. Change color and style to fit your brand. The  POS also supports categories: click, for example, on “dairy” to open a grid of dairy items like milk, butter, cheese, etc. Click on a button and switch between various POS layouts to perform different tasks.
Look up an item’s availability and/or price in all available stores in LS One or in the connected ERP solution.
When selling an item, you can assign a mandatory serial number, so in the event of a return, the stock item can be easily traced.
Discounts can be triggered automatically or manually and applied to a  single item or to the total sale. Clear discounts with the click of a button.
Configure infocodes to send alerts to the cashier. For example, the system can send prompts when there is an upsell opportunity, or when extra information is required, for example, age identification for the sale of liquor.
Cashiers can issue loyalty cards, assign a transaction to a customer’s  loyalty card and use loyalty points as a form of payment for transactions
Add new customers and assign transactions to them. View the customer’s balance, previous sales ledger as well as loyalty point status, if there is a  loyalty card associated with the customer.
Mark items returned by customers as parked items. You can then accept them, or reject them from the inventory at a later stage.
Manage float entries, safe drops, bank drops, tender removal in defined currencies, and denominations.
Issue credit memos and gift cards at the POS. The system broadcasts the information centrally to all other connected POS devices.
Configure barcodes to scan and identify items and customer details, or to trigger a gift card or even a credit memo.
Accept payments in cash, with credit or debit card (where the EFT  integration is available), gift cards, loyalty points, corporate cards,  credit memos, customer accounts, and checks. With LS One you can also accept multiple currencies on a single transaction (exchange rates can be either entered manually or received through an RSS stream),  and split a payment into partial payment methods (for example part in cash, part by gift card).
Accept customer orders via phone call, walk-ins or through your  e-commerce solution integrated to LS One. Each order passes through the  following process: the item is ordered (if needed); a packing receipt is  printed; the item is picked, and ready for collection or delivery. In LS One,  Customer Quotes can be easily converted into Customer Orders.
Create custom receipt layouts with data and images in the receipt designer. Print receipts alongside a purchase invoice, or automatically email them to the customer.
Run your business as usual even during network outages. Even if the connection to the main database breaks, a copy of the transactions will be stored offline, and the database will correct itself once the POS devices are back online.
Set up multiple accounts, such as expenses and income accounts, in the back office, and keep track of all transactions.
In LS One you can easily limit access to certain POS operations based on roles. Login onto the POS can then occur through passwords or fast token authentication. Closing the POS can require an administrator password.
Keep your business under control. Enter the start amount at the beginning of the day. When needed, print an X report for an overview of all financial transactions, or finalize your transaction period with a  Z report. Finally, produce a tender declaration to ensure that cash and other tender types tally up.
Add any number of customized operations to the POS. For example, a  pharmacy could link a customized operation to a medical prescription web service.


Mobile POS

Serve customers, give information about products, and close transactions anywhere on the shop floor with the mobile POS, available for iOS and Android.

Mobile Inventory

Empower your staff members to perform inventory tasks, from stock counting to delivery processing, wherever they are on handheld devices. The mobile inventory application is available for Android.


Integrate with your current ERP or e-commerce platform

LS One can be easily connected to your current ERP or eCommerce platform through its intelligent Integration Framework. Use LS One as your front office, to handle your sales and customer-facing tasks.  Thanks to the seamless flow of data from the ERP or eCommerce to the POS and back, your key data will always be correct and up-to-date. Change any price, item quantity, or description in the back office, and see the change immediately reflected at the POS.



Drive repeat business with personalized offers

Easily manage customer accounts and loyalty programs.  Encourage customers to return with personalized prices and discounts, and enable them to collect loyalty points and spend them in-store.

Create an account for each customer. The account defines the customer’s unique trade agreement, including special prices and credit limits.
Configure your loyalty program, and let customers earn and use points  in any way you wish. The program rules support item categories, dates,  times, and point conversion.
Set up discounts for a specific customer, store or group of items for a  determined period. For example, customers who buy multiple items or  exceed the set total price can qualify for a discount; customers who buy  a combination of items can get another one at a discounted price. Set  priorities for overlapping promotions. Trigger discounts from barcodes.  Find even more options in LS One’s sophisticated promotion system.

CENTRALIZED CONTROL Get your business processes under control

LS One gives you all the tools you need to run your retail business centrally. Manage your staff and keep track of your whole operation from head office.


LS One features rich reports that will help you visualize and understand your business’s key facts, and make informed decisions regarding your company’s future. You can easily add customized reports to the system.