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    Is your product serialized or lot # specific? SerializedLot Number

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    Do you sell assembly items? YesNo

    Do you create orders and ship from a warehouse? YesNo

    Do your items have variants and hierarchies? YesNo

    Are your items labeled? YesNo
    Do you use discounts and offers? YesNo


    Do you take physical inventory at the stores? YesNo


    Does your staff rotate into and out of different locations? YesNo
    Does your staff use a time clock? YesNo
    Do stores create scheduling for staff per store? YesNo


    Does this meet all of your reporting needs? YesNo


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    Are your servers in the cloud or physically in a data center? CloudOn-PremNot Sure

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    Do you maintain your own network or do you outsource? MaintainedOutsourced


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