LS-NAV to E-Plum to Smart Scales (major brands supported).

Navisiontech has created a direct linkage (ScaleLink) between LS-NAV and Invatron’s “E- Plum” smart–scale connector. E- Plum was built from the ground up to take advantage of new network technologies to enable you to manage and update thousands of labelling devices such as weigh-scales, printers and more from a single central source that, in turn, is directly integrated with your merchandising system.

Need to execute a new pricing strategy? Change a label format? Provide detailed ingredient lists, support for allergens, or Country of Origin information? E-Plum gives you the means to quickly effect changes across your entire store base by Division, District, Store Group or individual store so that you have complete control of your in-store Weighing/Pricing/Labelling equipment.

By operating centrally, E-Plum allows you to distribute data to the in-store equipment in real-time, with immediate feedback on any offline situations, should they occur.

When your Fresh Market relies on managing scale/printers and scale/printer networks, let Navisiontech provide the answers with ScaleLink for LS-NAV and E-Plum solutions.

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