Omni-Visibility and Microsoft LS Retail / LS Central (formerly Ls Nav)

A single Brand-Forward Enterprise Management Solution for complex multi-channel – multi venue custom brand organizations.

Partnering with Microsoft / LS Retail LS Central (formerly Ls Nav), the only end-to-end solutions for modern ERP management, Navisiontech provides a dynamic range of valuable Solutions and Services to the Product Sales, Distribution, and Premium Hospitality Industries within the SMB segment—especially those targeting the Luxury, Specialty, Gourmet markets.

Modern Enterprises always focus on building Visible Brand Awareness and Loyalty—hence “Omni-Visibility”. Our Client-Partners know that they can count on us to share their vision and to focus our proven expertise using all the latest in Omniscient Mobile Technology to Optimize their Efficiency, Simplify their Process, and Maximize their Profitability—Anywhere, Anytime, Any Location. Learn more »



Dynamics 365

Empower your team, upgrade your business

In today’s competitive marketplace, you need to be flexible with your business processes as you respond to changing customer demands. So, it is important to be prepared for regular upgrades and take advantage of the latest innovations. Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 right for you? If you are ready to upgrade, Navisiontech’s experienced staff of consultants are ready to work with you on planning, budgeting, and implementing upgrades. We do this by working with you to understand your current situation and your future plans. Learn more »

LS Retail: LS-Central for Retail and Hospitality

One simple-to-use platform for all your retail needs

LS Retail is a world-leading developer and provider of all-in-one business management software solutions. Our high-quality, cost-effective and highly configurable software solutions help retailers, hospitality and forecourt businesses worldwide to optimize their business practices, increase revenue and satisfy old and new customers – easier, simpler and faster. Learn more »

Dynamics CRM

Empower your team, upgrade your business

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a full customer relationship management (CRM) suite with marketing, sales, and service capabilities that are fast, familiar, and flexible, helping businesses of all sizes to find, win, and grow profitable customer relationships.Delivered through a network of channel partners providing specialized services, Microsoft Dynamics CRM works with all familiar Microsoft® products to streamline processes across an entire business. Learn more »


Aldelo for Restaurants

Empowering restaurateurs to achieve simplicity and efficiency

When you choose Aldelo solutions to enhance and simplify mission critical hospitality and payment processing operations, you get the ability to achieve greater control over business operations. When you use Aldelo solutions, you can finally focus on your mission critical business operations. When you have any support service needs related to our products, getting technical assistance is just one phone call away. Learn more »

Microsoft Office 365

The familiarity and power of Office with the flexibility of the cloud

Microsoft Office 365 is a complete solution that offers users the ability to work anytime, anywhere, communicate via video with anyone, share your work in real time and safely, using email, calendar and contact information from virtually all types of devices. With Microsoft Office 365 you have a collaborative intranet for all employees and control all enterprise information with robust security and privacy controls. Learn more »



for Grocery, Delicatessen & E-Services Applications

Navisiontech has created a direct linkage (ScaleLink) between LS-NAV and Invatron’s “E- Plum” smart–scale connector. E- Plum was built from the ground up to take advantage of new network technologies to enable you to manage and update thousands of labelling devices such as weigh-scales, printers and more from a single central source that, in turn, is directly integrated with your merchandising system. Learn more »


Performance Inventory (PI)

Profitable inventory turnover is the dynamo of prosperity

PI is a configurable blueprint for Perpetual Inventory Optimization which you will employ to identify and maintain just the right on-hand quantities, of just the right products, at just the right costs, in order to optimize customer throughput and loyalty; and ultimately minimize Financial Risk; maximize Return on Investment; and enhance Reinvestment Capital. Learn more »



for all Modern B2B Product Sales Enterprises

This has long been the mantra of traditional B2B Product Sales Companies who have realized their successes by relying on highly skilled customer service resources. Clearly the time-honored art of verbal communication is still a CRM favorite in this segment. In fact, personal communication from a sales counter, or from the order center, is now, and has always been, the best way to: learn a customer’s preferences; clarify their issues; establish their price levels, terms, and delivery schedules; and most importantly, to establish a relationship bond―at least initially. Learn more »


HP Printers, Ink & Toner

for all Modern B2B Product Sales Enterprises

HP has a full portfolio of printing and workflow solutions designed for specific industries. Find out how automating your business process can help you gain a competitive edge and improve your profitability. Learn more »

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