“Corporate Reputation and Industry Prominence are built on the quality of Personal Service”

Traditions | This has long been the mantra of traditional B2B Product Sales Companies who have realized their successes by relying on highly skilled customer service resources. Clearly the time-honored art of verbal communication is still a CRM favorite in this segment. In fact, personal communication from a sales counter, or from the order center, is now, and has always been, the best way to: learn a customer’s preferences; clarify their issues; establish their price levels, terms, and delivery schedules; and most importantly, to establish a relationship bond―at least initially.

So what is the point―why change what obviously works? Enhancement is the Key―Not Change!

Many inquiries, especially via the phone, are about, otherwise, publishable data, like:

  • In-stock or In-bound Product Availability
  • Product Descriptive and Measurement Details
  • Product Alternatives

Your commitment to personal service is still the right approach, but the definition of what that means has changed with ability of “monster eCommerce sites”, or even worse, the sites of your competitors’ to more efficiently deliver what clients want.

Simply put, modern B2B clients still love and need your personal bonding, at least some of the time, but they absolutely expect more content at a faster pace, whenever and wherever their own businesses demand, all of the time.

eCommercial by Navisiontech is the Answer!

With eCommercial you can expect:

  • 24/7 Opportunities | Develop Business that is convenient and effective anytime and anywhere customers’ require―let them order in moment when it’s fresh in their minds
  • Cross-selling & Up-selling | Induce higher per-order value by always promoting related products as tag-a-longs; and offer higher priced alternative products with comparative views
  • Broader Markets | Service additional and smaller clientele without adding staff by automating hundreds of smaller orders―enhance your visibility with search optimization
  • Greater Volumes | Customers can initiate the order process with the added benefit of a self-service option―they will pick and choose from your entire catalog and order more volume
  • Enhanced Loyalty | Invest more time in top customers to improve your relationships and build opportunities for all with enhanced CRM
  • Minimized Support Costs | Don’t waste costly support labor $ on extended Q and A sessions―give support staff more time to enhance and develop business opportunities

Navisiontech’s eCommercial Solution uses the Microsoft certified TINX Connector, which enables you to publish to your very own Magento hosted Portal directly from your Microsoft Dynamics BC ERP database. Each authorized client can login to get immediate access your complete rich content catalog and see their own custom price matrix, product availability, and shipping/billing history in a highly personalized and secure manner. Now you can definitively reduce support costs while providing customers the very best in on-demand customer service anytime and anywhere there is smart-phone service.

Maximize Profits―Employ “eCommercial” NOW!

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