Aldelo for Restaurants How to delete transactions at the end of the year.

//Aldelo for Restaurants How to delete transactions at the end of the year.

This request comes up quite often: “we have 30K orders in our system, please delete them, they are slowing the system down”. Yes, large amount of transactions in an access database can in fact slow down the system. These accumulated transactions may have been collected over 6 months, a year or 3 years, it really doesn’t matter. Aldelo offers a way to complete a so called “YEAREND” process. This procedure deletes all transnational data, and retains any master records. So if you were wondering, it will keep all delivery addresses, customer files, etc. So if compacting the database doesn’t work for you, use these instructions to delete the transactions. Be careful though, you will want to have backups, and definitely don’t want to do this in the middle of the day because the procedure will get rid of open orders. Make sure that servers do close any open orders and that your credit card batch is submitted. Last thing you want is missing orders or credit card batch. And this process does not have to be done at the actual end of the year in December on 31st, you can run it multiple times as you wish.

Anyways, with backup taken, you can always go back and find those transactions you may need. so you’re not really deleting anything – you’re saving the original copy. Note, that the process must occur from the POS station where the database is. So if your database is on the server somewhere, you will need to move it to the POS station. And if it’s pointed to by UNC path, such as \\Servername\Sharedfolder\database.mdb then you will want to point to it locally, like this: C:\Databases\database.mdb

with these prep steps completed you are ready to do the actual work:

  • get to BackOffice and right click the “compact database” button while holding down the left CTRL key on your keyboard. If your version of Aldelo looks different, don’t worry – steps are identical.

Aldelo backoffice

  • Next, you will see this screen prompting you to enter password

as of writing this post, i am unsure if we are actually allowed to post this password publicly, so please contact me privately and i will share it with you. Anyway, you type in this password, and

  • next prompt shows up

As scary as it may look, press Yes. Just be sure you have a backup. if you have a backup, you have nothing to worry about. Heck, if you’re really worried then make 2 backups.

  • After you clicked Yes, next prompt shows up.

Take note, the prompt tells you to type in YES, do not do that. Instead, type in YEAREND, just like above, and press OK.

It will take some time to process, but eventually all transactions are deleted, and master records are kept.

You will also want to compact the database after this process is completed. It usually will shrink the database even more depending on when was your last YEAREND. Oh, and don’t forget to place the database file where it was originally if you moved it from the server, etc.

Aldelo is a great software for restaurants, small and big. Many restaurant owners don’t know about this feature because nobody told them it exists, and system starts to run slow. Many complaints about Aldelo running slow are resolved by this simple process. And if you make this process a regular maintenance routine, your servers, staff and anyone using Aldelo will be happy.

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