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Omni Visibility – the Navisiontech & Microsoft Dynamics 4-Step Road to Greater Returns

  • Available vs. Stock
  • Supply Chain Logistics (EDI)
    • Enormous Catalogs and Corporate Prominence
    • Catalog and Price Updates – with automated Margins
    • Automated Drop Shipments
    • Automated Replenishments
    • Demand Forecast Benefits
  • Inventory Stock (on-hand)
    • Dynamo of Profit
    • KPI’s to ABC’s
    • Maximize ROI
  • Auto Replenishment
  • Mobile (WiFi) Inventory Management (Cycle Counts)
  1. DIMENSIONALIZE & ANALYZE with KPIs & POWER BI to Optimize Profits
  • Products Sales
    • Items and Services
    • Departments
    • Profit Centers
  • Customers
    • Likes/Dislikes
    • Demographics
    • Family and Friends
  • Open-Market Suppliers
    • Locational Movement and Demand
    • Styles and Desirability
    • Availability
    • Quality and Returns
  1. GROW VISIBILITY through the Power of MOBILITY
  • On the Sales Floor (WiFi/4G)
    • Customer-Facing Associate Advocates
    • Advance Product Knowledge
    • Upsell & Cross Sell
  • Remotely (4G) Hidden Markets
    • Outside Commercial Sales Associates
    • Event and Popup Sales
  • Power of Mobility – on the WEB
    • Customer Advocates
    • eCommerce WEB (B2C)
    • eCommercial WEB & Portal (B2B)
    • APP Store Portal
  1. MAXIMIZE RETURNS – by now you know the Who, What, Where, and When of Profits – let’s determine the WHY Customers Buy and sell them More!
  • CRM for Repeat Sales
  • Targeted Campaigns
  • WEB & Social Media Contact Automation
  • Gift Cards and Vouchers Free Cash Flow

See firsthand what Navisiontech can do for your company.

Navisiontech offers demo environment for our customers and prospective customers. You are able to experience and try all the solutions we offer. Customers are able to see, touch and test Dynamics BC, a variety of POS solutions, POS hardware and other industry specific solutions.

During this event you can learn how modern technologies can help optimize your business processes, increase customer satisfaction, identify losses, and more other key factors that your organization depends on.

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