The construction industry has many unique requirements with regards to an effective ERP system.

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One of the most compelling reasons to choose Dynamics BC is to protect your company’s investment. Undeniably a company’s business system is a significant investment both in software and infrastructure but also the time it takes to train staff. Our largest base of new clients are companies who in the past invested in a Niche market business solution and with constant upgrades to operating systems and hardware find themselves with a system that is no longer supported and will no longer see future enhancements due to lack of proper financial backing of a strong install base. With Microsoft and an entire industry of Partners and VAR’s supporting Dynamics BC this is not an issue and is a well-protected investment.

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Taking construction management to an entirely new level

Dynamics BC address these industry specific needs through native reports tailored to address these special needs coupled with a robust functionality for the construction industry within the Dynamics BC environment.

  • Native Job Cost Reports designed to track job cost and revenues for analysis and aiding in the area of revenue recognition and other reporting requirements.
  • Revenue and expense recognition methods can be set on each job card for independent control of jobs. “Time and Material Jobs” Vs. “Percent Complete Jobs”
  • One such add on that is popular in the job cost area is internal payroll that can provide job costing capability by hourly rate or piece rate pay. This product comes with a full featured system with the ability to handle all deduction and tax requirements that a company would need in the preparation and reporting of payroll to all government agencies.
  • As every business has its own unique requirements the Dynamics BC ERP system is backed by a network of 100’s of independent developers worldwide known as VAR’s that have created custom add on software to the system to further expand the functionality of the product.
  • A comprehensive Financial Reporting package with significant flexibility in the creation of Financial Statements. Revenues and Expenses can be segregated with posting groups or dimensional functionality for a variety of reporting needs. Native Financial reports can be used for reporting needs or complete flexibility can be obtained for the user by using the full featured are of “Account Schedules” with in Dynamics BC where the user can easily create their own custom Financial Statements.

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