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Are you looking for the perfect solution to save time and increase profits while keeping your customers satisfied?

We help you to manage your business efficiently, whether it’s quick service restaurant, bar & nightclub, pizza shops, pizzeria, cafes or cafeterias, fine dining, casual dining, take out or whatever your specialty Mexican, Spanish, Peruvian, Cuban, Colombian, Italian, Chinese, vegetarian, steakhouse, bar & grill, no matter the type of food-service or even if it is small or medium sized worldwide. We customize it for you.

Multilingual tool and cost effective solution without the need for prior computer experience. It can accommodate any type of menu and it is 100% touchscreen capable. Simplicity is our mantra.

We understand your business. This is the reason why we offer an integrated solution that focuses on providing excellent service to your clients while carefully caring about the administrative work.

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How to provide a superior customer experience?

Apart from the unique taste and the quality of food and drink that you offer, your customers want a timely and accurate service. While you take care of their experience, our solutions guarantee the details behind:

  • Provide the right service at the right time
  • Flexible payment options
  • Offer extras, deals, and remind staff of allergy warnings
  • Suggest promotions based on the time of day, the item, item group and much more

How to reach an efficient management control?

Our solutions give you a complete overview of your business, you can analyze how effective your operation is and make the right decisions while increasing your turnover. An integrated solutions to successfully manage your payment processing, financial accountability, customer tracking, labor management, and much more everyday:

  • Increase sales with suggestive selling, targeted choices and knowledgeable service.
  • Up-Selling & Cross-Selling Capabilities
  • Reduce staff training with flexible tools, which are easy to implement, learn and use.
  • Real-time inventory updates to let your staff know immediately if anything is unavailable.
  • Help the kitchen staff manage orders with a high level of efficiency, coordination and accuracy tailored to your needs.
  • Orders can be released in phases, bills easily split between customers, orders transferred from bar to table and much more.
  • Manage complex offers, promotions and discounts.
  • Real-time updates from a central database. Run online and offline and never be affected by network or back-office server downtime.
  • Make the most of all the options available so you can achieve better service and increase your revenue.


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