Navisiontech can help address the many challenges facing retailers in the tobacco industry by providing solutions for tobacco outlets, tobacconists, and cigar lounges.

Tobacco retailers face many challenges today, from maintaining item lists to selecting the right products. Tracking inventory and managing purchasing are vital to protecting your profit margins. NavisionTech can provide up-to-date technology, which any company, large or small, can use to increase its efficiency, minimize costs, and maintain customer loyalty.

Whether you have a single location or a chain Navisiontech can implement a solution that can increase efficiency, reduce costs, and provide a better experience for customers.

Start with what you need now, and easily adapt as your business needs change.

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Powerful, flexible and highly configurable software solutions

Our retail software solutions perfectly fit the needs of tobacco retailers. From a standalone POS system to an all-in-one business management system, our solutions enable tobacco retailers to offer rapid, flexible and high-quality service to help you build your numbers of satisfied, loyal customers.

Packed with value added features:

  • Manageable Cost of Ownership | Our software solutions are customizable and scalable to match your needs and be cost-effective. Our systems can be purchased outright or flexible lease-to-own terms are available.
  • Regulatory and Tax Compliance | With growing pressure from local, state and federal regulations and taxes as retailers you must be flexible and adaptable. Our extensive knowledge of these regulations and taxes, gained from 20+ years’ experience in the cigar & fine tobacco product industry, make us the perfect company to implement a streamlined solution that will allow you to focus on what is important to you, your customers.
  • Offline Capabilities |  Each POS terminal can have a locally stored database allowing functionality even during periods of Internet or server downtime.
  • Website & E-Commerce Integration | Our software can integrate with e-commerce to increase your sales and attracting new customers through your website.
  • Barcode Scanning | Make checkout easier and more accurate by using a scanner for cigars with barcodes while still being able to use existing PLU or similar systems.
  • Ease of Implementation | Navisiontech can tailor a custom solution for your needs with quick implementation times and minimal impact on your day-to-day operations.
  • Flexibility | Navisiontech can help your software grow with you by adding or updating functionality to meet the changing needs of your business such as adding a new product category.
  • Head Office Control | The Head Office can direct and enforce store prices providing consistency and direct influence on the increase in sales.
  • Stock Control | Humidor shelf space is your most valuable resource. Maximize revenue with detailed information from customer sales by finding the right product mix for your store. Know what lines and sizes are working and eliminate the ones that don’t.
  • Reduced System Maintenance | Reduce labor costs by managing multiple stores with the Head Office controls. Make changes and updates to the store terminal anywhere using your laptop or home computer.
  • Advanced Inventory | Integrated wireless technology and electronic shelf labels make doing inventory manageable. Weekly cycle counts can increase inventory accuracy and identify product loss.
  • Off-Site Sales | Utilize tablets with full POS functionality to make sales at off-site events.
  • Loyalty Rewards | Increase revenue through customer loyalty cards that reward your customers based on parameters you set and increase customer lock-in. Combined with a rechargeable gift card feature your customers will have more reasons to shop at your store.
  • Full Hospitality Functionality | Cigar bars and lounges can take advantage of hospitality features such as customer tabs, tips, and automatic happy hour discounts by product category.

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