QuickBooks is a popular accounting software choice, but many small businesses find it difficult to operate and it is not great for businesses experiencing growth. Inventory and warehouse problems, operational efficiencies, cost, and lack of third-party software integration are among the most usual limitations that companies face with QuickBooks implementations. 

QuickBooks Limitation

  • Lacks depth of capabilities within purchasing, inventory, manufacturing and distribution, audit control, and advanced reporting. Adding capabilities and service offerings from QuickBooks’ partners is expensive.
  • QUICKBOOKS Pro and QUICKBOOKS Enterprise are built on different platforms than QuickBooks Online so upgrading is not seamless.
  • Minimal business productivity integration skews the solution to accountants, not business owners.
  • Companies can quickly outgrow QuickBooks’ user and transaction limits, as well as its limited reporting capabilities.
  • Lack of industry and business-specific features (such as lot tracking, eCommerce, and barcode)

Reason to migrate from QuickBooks to Dynamics 365 business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central licensing is designed to allow companies to start with what they need now, and cost effectively add as their needs change. The app is licensed two ways—A Full User rights license and a Team Members license for employees who only consume data and complete light tasks within the system. Consult the chart below for full details.




  • Read and approve
  • Run all reports
  • Employee self-serve

To drive adoption of the solution across users—approve T&E, read business reports, lookup customer and inventory data

Essential $70

  • Financial management
  • Sales and opportunity management
  • Supply chain and inventory management

For more sophisticated processes yet simple enough to be managed in one solution across finance, sales, supply chain, inventory and project management

Premium $100

  • Service Management
  • Manufacturing

An end-to-end cloud business management solution—adding key functionality for manufacturing and service order management

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