Do not make these mistakes with Dynamics 365 Business Central or any other ERP projects.

We all learn from our own mistakes, therefore avoiding them should be learned as well. Mistakes, when made, can be costly, and the cost of learning is often seen as an unnecessary expense. Luckily, lots of industry experience is now shared in blogs, videos and otherwise, we just need to read, listen, or otherwise consume this invaluable information. So read on.

When you are responsible for running your organization, a department within it, or simply working on a project, you will work with people. Such people will range from freelancers, temporary workers, loyal employees, vendors, consultants and so on. You will carefully choose some of these people and others will be “inherited”, and work output from your team will vary from meetings, executing actions, documentation and even source code.

Let us take documentation for instance. It is crucial to take notes during a meeting so that action can be taken after it is over. Documentation is often neglected, and not enough time is given to this important procedure. People may think that meetings are recorded anyway, or answers would be found in the email threads or teams’ messages – they are wrong. While all those artifacts are available, there is always something to read between the lines and all the different communication methods must be summarized into one easy to understand without a doubt document.

Call it meeting notes, memorandum, it does not really matter, the point is: make sure that everyone involved is on the same page and has the same understanding of action items or lack of them. Imagine if one of the participants misunderstands a tiny detail and is under the impression that the task should now pivot in a different direction, while the conversation was only about a change, pending decision in 2 weeks. This mistake can be costly, but easily avoidable at a fraction of that cost.

In business, everything could be classified as a project. It could range from a small task to an international project requiring multiple departments to work together. With a small task, like answering an email, you are documenting; and doing so with a well-articulated message can make a significant difference. Documenting can be even smaller, take teams message as another example; if we can communicate trivial things effectively, we can then scale up and summarize the most important bits and communicate larger, often more valuable information to our peers.

Now let us look at source code – of course mistakes can be made in about a million unusual places when it comes to this topic, but today we will focus on one. Developers are an important part of the project when your solution needs to be customized, and let us face it, the reason our business has chosen a scalable and flexible ERP solution is because we planned to customize it.

And often, multiple developers are involved: one could represent a vendor, another a consultant, yet another could be your employee. Imagine that one of these once trusted team members leaves the project, and it does not even have to be a dramatic or negative event.

If one of those developers did not leave you a copy of the source code, you could be in much bigger trouble than it may initially seem. Moreover, this can occur without any malicious intent. Two lines of code could unintentionally protect the code and leave your company in huge trouble, which would require a complete rework of what was developed long ago.

Companies should avoid this mistake and ensure that all custom source code is stored in a repository, ready for new developers to read and commercially available extensions are backed by their vendors with a proven record of accomplishment. This is especially important with cloud deployments where updates are frequent requiring custom code and commercially available solutions to be maintained.

There are many more costly mistakes, but you do not have to make them to learn to avoid them. Learn from your trusted industry experts, whoever they might be, at any stage of the project, small or large. Ask questions and demand detailed answers. Do you know what questions to ask? Ask your team members what such questions could be and if you do not get answers, it might be time to reevaluate your team members’ abilities to avoid mistakes and deliver results.

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