Can you go paperless if you want your documents signed by your clients? There are many options available with all of the technology on the market. With credit card processing, its pretty simple. Just get a pin pad with touchscreen and stylus and you’re done. What do you do though if you want your customer sign for delivery or purchase order, or whatever else? Electronic signatures are very popular too, and several providers charge monthly fees. But what if the customer is in front of you? Are you really going to send them an email and wait until they go thru all the motions of adopting a signature? You would simply want to hand them a device and have them sign within a matter of a few seconds. Why not do just that? We have recently developed a solution for electronic signature capture in Dynamics 365. With simple steps to follow you can make Dynamics 365 collect signatures with your touchscreen without monthly fees. Add it to any page, anywhere; you decide when and where you want to ask for a signature.

But wait, what if you don’t have and don’t even want a touchscreen? There are other options. For instance, TOPAZ makes electronic signature pads specifically for this reason, and more. Ever wondered why DMVs use electronic signature pad devices? Those signature pads have all kinds of sensors in them like pressure and speed. They can detect a difference between different handwriting by comparing pressure points. This makes TOPAZ electronic signature pads the ultimate choice for on-premise in-person electronic signature capture.

We have developed a solution for connecting Dynamics 365 with TOPAZ electronic signature pads. With a few simple steps, you decide when and where in your workflow you want to capture a signature. All you need is to decide which TOPAZ electronic signature pad device is right for you.

With all of the options available, it’s quite possible that you may want to use all of them. Dynamic businesses usually have a diverse clientele, some customers come to you, others expect you to go to them, and transactions can happen entirely electronically when we never get to see each other.

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