Here is an overview of the LS Retail Loyalty Management Configuration Step in LS Retail 6.2 R2.

This document is intended for  IT, Marketing and Operation Team, who need to know the system and be able to configure and use the Loyalty system at  Outlets.

The User manual script consists of three columns

What to DO- Step by Step:     Instructions for the user what to do

Explanation:                               Explanation for the user of what he is doing.

Talking Points:                          Further information for the user about the functions. In this column, the configuration and the advanced possibilities are sometimes discussed.

Loyalty Management Setup

Most of the procedures in this user Manual are based on the LS Retail’s Loyalty Management Module so by default it is assumed the user has selected this module.

Creating a Loyalty Scheme

What to Do – Step by Step Explanations Talking Points
Select Loyalty Scheme Card New Scheme creation or editing the existing Scheme is done here
Click on the F3 button The first thing to do is to create an entry for a new loyalty Scheme. When the loyalty scheme  has been created, a loyalty point for the schemes  can be created
For the General Tab enter data for the following fields:

Code: Navisiontech

Description: NavisionTech

Starting Card No: 1

Card No. Length:13

Card Registration: Link to Contact

Expiration Calculation:3Y

Display Message on pos: Yes

Loyalty Tender Type: 11

Show Point on the receipt: Point Summary

Loyalty Tender Type Setup

Tender Type Setup

For the Point Calculation

For point Issue

Type: Tender

Qty/Amount Limit: 100

Base Calculation on: Amount

Points..: 0.10

For Point Redeem

Type: Tender

Qty/Amount Limit: 0.00

Base Calculation on: Amount

Points..: -1.00

Loyalty Point calculation

Minimum Bill value above which loyalty points issued:

USD 100/-

Loyalty Points Issue:

10 point = USD 100/-

Loyalty point Redeem:

10point= USD.0.70/-

Loyalty Point Redemption Setup

Go to Retail Currency

Select LOY Currency

Select LOY currency
Set Redemption Rate Exchange Rate Amount = 1 Point

Retalitional Exchange rate Amount = 0.07 USD

I.e 10 Point = 0.7 USD

Redemption rate is same for all the Loyalty Scheme

Creating a Loyalty Contact

What to Do – Step by Step Explanations Talking Points
Select loyalty Contact Loyalty Contact is created first to register the customer to Loyalty Scheme
Click on the F3 button The Contact No. code is automatically filled out. This number is from a number series that is set up in marketing Setup.
Fill out the information for the other fields
Attaching the Loyalty Card to Contact

Loyalty Contact Cardà Loyalty à MSR Card

Click on Loyalty and select MSR Card

Enter the Loyalty NO

Select the Loyalty Scheme and select As Card Tender in loyalty Tender

Create more contacts as you want

Close the window

POS Functions

Points Generated by POS Sale

What to Do – Step by Step Explanations Talking Points
Be ready in the POS client

Logon with user ID & password

For more information about the POS client read the POS Demo Script LS Retail NAV.
Press on the Member Card button When a loyalty member comes to the store to buy some goods the cashier must ask him for his card and register it to the sale.

It does not matter when the member card number is registered to the sale, it can be in the beginning, at the end or somewhere between.

Enter the loyalty card Number

Press Enter

The Loyalty card number can be entered by:

·         Using Loyalty Card Button and keying in the Member Card Number

·         Keying in the Member Card number and then pressing the loyalty Card button

·         Using the barcode reader to input the Loyalty Card number

Note: our loyalty card no. is a barcode

Look at the information part Loyalty Scheme type is confirmed

Click close to Continue

Confirm the Customer by pressing yes

Card and customer is registered for sales

Sell the item
Finish the sale, for example with tender type Cash

Look at the receipt for the sale

The receipt displays information about the Loyalty member, Issued points and more for this Member Account depending on the setup This receipt prints information about Issued Points, Used Points and Point Balance. This can be changed in the setup for the club

Points Used as Payment in the POS Sale

What to Do – Step by Step Explanations Talking Points
Be ready in the POS Loyalty Points can be used to pay at the POS

For this to work, the setup has to be prepared correctly

This has to be set up:

·         Loyalty Points have to be set up as a Tender Type in the store

·         The loyalty scheme has to set up the correct Tender type for the field Loyalty  Tender Type

·         The POS has to have a button for this Tender Type

·         The POS command has to connect with currency for this use. For Example use LOY which then has to be set up with the exchange rate for the Points

Enter  loyalty Card No. into the Input Panel

Press the Loyalty Card button

Sell a few items:
Press the Total button
Press the Member Points button
Loyalty Redemption When Member Points button is pressed this is displayed:

The amount is the sales amount equal to the LOY Amount

LOY is the currency used with loyalty  Points

Points are rounded to Nearest 0.25
The receipt is printed

The sale is finished

Remaining Point is shown on the Bill

Tender Type Setup

What to Do – Step by Step Explanations Talking Points
Create the Loyalty Tender type

LS Retail-POSà Setupà Generalà Tender Types

Attach Loyalty Tender Type to store

LS Retail-POS àSetupà Store Cardà Store à Tender types

Tender Type General TAB
Amount Tab Rounding is set to nearest and rounding to is set 0,25
Posting TAB Loyalty GL and difference is mapped in our case loyalty and difference GL is one and the same
Loyalty Tender configuration in POS

Ls retail-POSàProfileà Menu Profileà Demoà Payment

No. Series Setup

What to Do – Step by Step Explanations Talking Points
Create the Number series for Contact and customer

LS Retail-back officeà Setupà Numberingà No. Series

Default No is checked – Auto No.

Dist location is checked – Means store number will append the system generated No.

Attach contact No. Series in Marketing setup

Sales & marketingàSetupàMarketing Setup

Attach customer No. Series in Sales & Receivables Setup

Data Replication job

What to Do – Step by Step Explanations Talking Points
Loyalty setup and configuration pushing JOB.

LS Retail – Scheduler àScheduler JOB

All the data is scheduled and pull from HO.

This JOB will push all the setup related to Loyalty.

This should be used when a new loyalty scheme or point is changed for existing loyalty schemes.

Loyalty Data Pull From HO
Loyalty Data Pull From  Store
Loyalty data Push to HO Loyalty Data of  store will be pushed to HO and vice Versa

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