This seems to be a very popular question today, and the answer is not that easy. Together with our industry partners and subject matter specialists we decided to explain some very important differences which will for sure help anyone who is planning an implementation or an upgrade.

The fear of upgrade

There are 2 groups of those who make decisions, those who will never go to latest version of any product until there is a next version released. For example, some will only upgrade to Excel 2013 after there is a next version of currently marketed Excel released.  Others will be brave and upgrade immediately after a release. Anyways, if you want to play it safe and you are in this group, do not think of implementing the latest version at least until there is a next version released and has been proven to be stable.

New version vs. Upgrade

Magento 2.0 is a not an upgrade to 1.9 rather it is a completely new version, and this has to be taken very seriously. It is a completely new platform. Its API has been completely redesigned, and its architecture is rebuilt from ground zero. This is not a sales pitch for a new cell phone, magento 2.0 is really a completly new version.

The 6 advantages of Magento 2.0

  1. More advanced web technology
  2. Improved performance and scalability
  3. Easier to customize
  4. Themes and modules are built differently so that it is easier to adapt
  5. You can turn off functionality during installation so that it performs faster
  6. Improved test environment (convenient for Magento developers)

The most significant differences of Magento 1.9

  • User interface has been improved considerably
  • Performance has been dramatically improved
  • Upgrades from Community to Enterprise are a lot simpler
  • The disadvantages of Magento 2.0
    1. API has been completely changed and does not offer same operability as its predecessor. this is a disadvantage for those who wish to integrate ERP or other systems.
    2. If you are switching (yes, switching. Not upgrading) from 1.9, it will cost a considerable amount of time and money.
    3. Very limited extensions are available at this time, this can increase cost of implementation.

Bottom Line

If you are starting a new store, make an informed decision. Despite its disadvantages, Magento 2.0 can offer a lot. Be ready for the fact that Magento 1.X support will be discontinued, but no worries, it’s not going to be discontinued for 3 years, so there is plenty of time.

Be ready to invest more in implementation and support. Many well-known extensions aren’t available yet for 2.0. What does this mean – you will need to customize and spend more money, but with time more extensions will begin to appear.

If you want to switch to 2.0, make an informed decision. Ask yourself why. It might be better to wait, of course unless your advantages over-weigh disadvantages. Very little will be developed for 1.9 in the future, and technology moves very fast. Developers will need to catch up and go thru a learning curve.

Decision should be based on current circumstances, volume of sales on your channels, number of integrations, access to resources, time availability, and the list could go on.

Have questions? Need help making a decision? We are here for you.