Nearly 2400 years passed between these proverbial references to the art of supply chain management—spoken by a warrior and an industrialist, respectively—and today nothing has changed but the “means to that end”.

Virtually all Product sales Enterprises have predominant relationships with “Primary” Suppliers who provide their lifelines of mainstay products, both for Stock Products and for Direct-to-Customer Drop-shipment. These symbiotic relationships clearly provide proactive, reactive, and exclusive benefits for both parties. 

Now because of modern technologically, Navisiontech has enhanced the “means” of that process into a completely automated bi-directional sequenced application of Supply-Demand-and-Deliver integration, called Supplier on Demand.

Enterprise Benefits: 

    1. Supplier Catalog [Imports) — Optimizes Enterprise Catalog Marketing and Profitability by:
    • Enriching Enterprises own Catalog with thousands of additional choices using preformatted database setup tools
    • Enabling automated reaction to Supplier Changes in Product Offerings, Mixes, Prices, Promotions, Descriptions, and Rich Content (Photos and Video)
    • Enhancing Marketing, Promotions, Profit Margins, and Returns on Investment
    • Eliminating Costly Manual Data and Price/Margin Maintenance
    1. Packing Slips and Invoices [Imports] — Optimizes Enterprise receiving and A/P processing and eliminates costly data entry time and errors; and enhances opportunities for maximizing terms and promo discounts
    2. Demand Forecasts [Exports] — Enhances Suppliers’ demand awareness to meet timely Enterprise supplies
    3. Purchase Orders [Exports]— Enhances accuracy and speed of Enterprise order entry and guarantees transfer to Supplier
    4. Automated Drop-Shipment Purchase Orders via eCommerce/eCommercial* [Exports] — Enhances accuracy and speed of Receipt, Fulfillment, and Customer Delivery; and via the additional processes of automated Stock Level analyses, ultimately eliminates all manual decision making and processing of the standard Sales Order-to-Purchase Order Process 

*Note: Requires Smart WEB eCommerce 

Supplier Collateral Benefits: 

  1. Catalog [Export] — Guaranteed Encouragement for the Enterprise to promote Suppliers’ Products 
  2. Packing Slips and Invoices [Exports] – Enhances the Supplier-to-enterprise A/R Payment processes by providing timely and guaranteed receipt of Documents 
  3. Demand Forecasts [Imports] Ensures receipt of Enterprise’s Demand expectations 
  4. Purchase Orders [Imports]– Enhances Suppliers’ accuracy and speed of Fulfillment and Delivery 
  5. Automated Drop-Shipment Purchase Orders via eCommerce/eCommercial [Imports] – Enhances accuracy and speed of Receipt, Fulfillment, and Delivery; and ensures a strong Supplier-enterprise bond by exercising such an exclusive agreement. 

This is truly a Win-Win Application for the Enterprise and each Subscribing Supplier.

Let Navisiontech create your own Supplier On Demand Integration Today! 

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