Recently I was on a call with client working through an issue they were experiencing. During our call the user was sharing their screen and driving the session to show their issue. While they were navigating through Business Central, they were adding filters to help refine their search results. As I was watching I realized that there are faster ways to accomplish what they were doing so we started discussing different filter characters and formulas that can be used in NAV/BC.  

As we discussed the different types of filters, I informed them that there are predefined formulas that can be used for filtering. The customer expressed interest in having access to a list of these types of formulas for filtering data so they could use them in the future and share them with their team. I shared a list that I had and explained to them that this type of information was readily available on the internet if they searched for it. A few hours later they responded by saying that they had no luck finding any content on the web that listed the standard NAV/BC filter formulas. I reconnected with the customer, and we searched together and was able to find documentation from Microsoft (Here) and others.  

The customer was very thankful for this highly useful information that they themselves would use as well as share internally with their co-workers. I think it is very easy as a consultant to overlook simple knowledge that helps the customer with daily task efficiencies. We can easily get caught up in the process flows and development of the system to fit the customers’ needs but forget to show them some of the simplest tools that add value to the new users who are learning/experiencing something for the first time.  

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