With the recent growth in ecommerce due to the pandemic, supply chain and distribution management have become more critical than ever. Having a system that can handle the ability to track inventory through your supply chain is key to the success of a growing business. Microsoft’s Business Central ERP has a built-in Warehouse Management System (WMS) that can handle your inventory control needs.  Dynamics 365 Business Central’s WMS makes tracking your inventory through your supply chain efficient and accurate. You get all your accounting and inventory control needs satisfied in just one solution. WMS can be fully set up to track all inventory movements or you can turn on just the pieces that your business needs and turn on more as your business needs grow.   A full WMS setup in Dynamics 365 Business Central will provide you with the ability to track inventory from the moment it is received until it ships out the door to your customer. You can also partner Business Central’s WMS with mobile devices and software like Tasklet to achieve greater efficiency and empower your operations staff even further!  Call us and Request Your FREE DEMO Today! Let Navisiontech show you how you can transform your business.