Problems get solved every day, and they don’t have to be technology or software related. Humans are great at problem solving. We find solutions and we make them better over time. We learn problem solving and how to do it over and over. We even apply upgrades to our solutions and make them more efficient. It is natural for us.

In business, we are given challenges every day. There can be a variety of different problems to solve. From customer service, to the development of new procedures. Without problems to solve, businesses would not succeed. Almost everything in industry is based on a given problem and a solution which resolves it, over and over; and with time, the solution has a chance to evolve and solve this problem better and better. The solution sort of becomes smarter with every update – it grows like a child – learns from the factors that are given to it by those who found the problem in the first place.

Software solutions are similar – they begin as a problem to solve; and then engineers and subject matter specialists find a solution to solve it. Feedback from those who surround the problem makes its way back to the engineers and subject matter experts, and solution becomes smarter, and seemingly more intelligent. It didn’t get artificially smart on its own, we people helped it.

If we encounter a problem, and find a solution to it, even if it is solved over and over, can it be called Artificial Intelligence? What if the solution learns from feedback? It is still people who solve the problem, isn’t it?

There is no Artificial Intelligence! It is we who create solutions from problems and teach computers how to solve them … or do we?