Configuration package with processing rules – Step-by-Step:
  1. Choose the icon, enter Configuration Packages, and then choose the related link.
  2. Choose the New
  3. On the GeneralFastTab, fill in the fields as appropriate. Hover over a field to read a short description.
  4. To exclude the configuration questionnaires, configuration templates, and configuration worksheet tables from the package, select the Exclude Configuration Tablescheck box. Otherwise, these tables will be added to the list of package tables automatically when you export the package.
  5. Choose the Get Tables The Get Package Tablesbatch job page opens.
  6. Choose the Select Tables The Config. The Selection page opens.
  7. Choose the Select All action to add all tables to the package, or select the Selected checkbox for each table in the list that you want to add.
  8. Choose the OK The count of tables that you have selected is indicated in the Select Tables field. Specify additional options, and then choose the OK button. Business Central tables are added to the lines of the Config. Package page.
Config Package Card

Config Package Card


You can also do this in the configuration worksheet. Select the tables you want to include in the package, and then choose the Assign Package action.
  1. To select the fields that you want to include from a table, select the table, and then, on the Lines tab, choose the Fields Specify which fields are included in the package. By default, all fields are included.
    • To select just the fields you want to include, choose the Clear Included To add all fields, choose the Set Includedaction.
    • To specify that the field data should not be validated, clear the Validate Fieldcheck box for the field.
  2. Determine whether you have introduced potential errors, by choosing the Validate Package This can occur when you do not include tables that your configuration relies on.
  3. Choose the OK
Config Package Fields

Config Package Fields

  1. To select processing rules that you want to include for this package, Processing Rules, Action=Custom (Config. Package Card, Tables Fasttab, Tables, Processing Rules).  Seen her
Config Package Card Processing Rule

Config Package Card Processing Rule

Set the Action to Custom and then choose a custom Codeunit that you have designed to do whatever you want.  This codeunit needs to have table 8614 “Config. Package Record” as a parameter on the OnRun (TableNo = Config. Package Record) and then you can use this record to do whatever you want.  The problem is that when this codeunit is called when you are “Applying Data” the records have already been inserted or modified in the database.  This means we would have to use the Config. Package Record to go figure out the primary key and then go find the actual record to do the modify on.  Certainly doable but a bit of extra work.
50001 CodeUnit Example


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