Why is modern CRM Important for my Business Growth?

The answer is simple – so you can “Sell Existing Customers More, while bringing New Customers in your Door”

CRM Delivers Loyal Customers Who Buy More while Advocating Your Business to New Customers

Modern CRM promotes customer loyalty and advocacy, and here’s how it works. No matter your customer type, Businesses (B2B), Consumers (B2C), or both, and no matter your physical or virtual business locations and platforms, you can easily use your modern CRM tools to apply attributes and buying parameters to customer records. Then, track their purchase histories, as a basis for providing them with ongoing loyalty rewards. Loyalty Rewards are earned per purchase and redeemed in-store, online, and via loyalty apps. The results are bigger and more frequent basket sales from your existing customer base, who, in turn, advocate your business to their network thereby delivering you new customers.

CRM Campaigns Target Existing Customers to Buy More and New Customers to come in the Door

Modern CRM additionally contains complete built-in marketing tools, known as campaigns, to add sales, and here’s how it works. Internal Marketing Managers can create one or more targeted promotions based on products, locations, holidays, services, etc., within a wrapper, called a “Campaign”. Then use each set of promotional parameters to filter existing customer data and histories, along with imported social media searches from Facebook, Twitter, etc., to create a target list of existing and new potential customers who qualify for the Campaign. Outlook-email, Social Media, your Websites, and Loyalty Apps can deliver each promotional “call to action” to all or specific targeted audiences. The results are additional basket sales to your existing customer base and an additional network of new customers. Microsoft Dynamics and LS Retail’s modern CRM tools in LS Central can drive exponential growth without adding Overhead behind the line. Contact us to discuss how we can help you set up your CRM today!