Retailers’ Favorite Management System

Over the past several years, Microsoft has carefully curated business solutions to include in its Dynamics line. One of these great solutions is Dynamics RMS, a package that is suitable for small stores(1 POS – 1 cashier) as well as large stores (up to 100 stores), and even chains with real finance departments. This software is a favorite of many retailers. Everything must come to an end. RMS is not the only software product that a software giant like Microsoft has decided to sundown. There are just too many examples to list.

Things to Consider Before Replacing Dynamics RMS

I am sure they have their reasons but what should a retailer do when a product they love, that has no issues at all and works like a champ is now being discontinued and no longer supported? Should a retailer start looking for replacement or continue to use the old product destined for extinction? The question is not simple, in fact, many retailers still face the inevitable. Many have already made their decision and moved to something else and regret it. Others may be evaluating in disappointment. All kinds of stories have been heard, and all kinds of opinions are formed around this topic. The bottom line is: RMS is a good product, reasons to replace do exist, replacements exist, but when to replace and what should you replace it with.

All Good Things Come to an End

First, let’s make something clear. Software, just like everything, else eventually will need to be replaced. Just like vehicles, it gets old, maintenance becomes too cost-prohibitive. With age you cannot get parts for it, sometimes you can’t even get a mechanic who will work on an older car. Something similar can be said about software. Authors want to release something new focusing on new concepts. Imagine the same model car being made for 40 years with little to no noticeable apparent changes. Surprisingly this exists but let’s not go into those details.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

The question still exists, should we continue to enjoy the well-made software? Maybe we should, after all, it still runs great and you can still get decent support for it from the partner channel who are quite faithful for the product. Maybe we should at least consider a replacement. There are so many other alternatives. Advertisements are meant to convince you that the next best thing after RMS is the Retail Hero, some Square off the shelf unit, or perhaps consider the Oracle’s micros acquisition. Everyone wants to get a piece of this while you are trying to make a decision. The decision, which is not easy to make because you already have the software that does everything you need.

Is Dynamics RMS Flexible Enough to Keep Your Business Competitive in Your Market?

The next question to ask yourself is if there is anything my business needs right now or in the near future, even long-term that you cannot do now with RMS. Think about the most obvious; contactless payments, contactless delivery, etc. The world is showing us a year “infected” (literally) with a serious pandemic. COVID-19 will continue to prompt everyone to make different decisions beyond 2020. Think about eCommerce, and think about other enhancements that come with it. Ecommerce is much more than just being able to order online anymore. Retailers are making it easier to order on your phone, and pick up at the store. Which, everyone is calling curbside pickup. A convenient feature that I bet will stay beyond COVID fears. Oh, so many examples exist once you start asking yourself this question. Surely you will want to improve your business, especially if it affects your bottom line.

Does Microsoft Offer a Viable Replacement Option?

Next, knowing that you could use those new features, knowing that you want the new software, but not yet knowing the brand and where to buy it, you should ask yourself another question. Should I look at Microsoft? This is the most logical next question in my opinion. After all, you have been enjoying (and probably still are) their all so beloved RMS software. Maybe they got something in their showroom that is new, sparkly, and offers all those great features you realized you could use.

Trade-in Your Old Microsoft Dynamics RMS for a New More Robust System

Microsoft does in fact offer a variety of choices for us and you should take time to review them. Even if it seemed that way, they didn’t let the RMS customer base “hanging”. A little known fact is that Microsoft even offers license transition plans where you can get substantial discounts for replacement of RMS. It’s like trading in your car getting good trade-in value and getting a hefty “loyalty” discount. Think about it for a second, before you consider a “square” or “quick” competition or some sort of “hero” that’s going to come to your rescue.

Seamless Transition from Dynamics RMS

Are you interested in learning what is the Microsoft recommended replacement? It even offers an upgrade path which is not only in the form of licenses and discounts. Imagine all the work and all the data that you have put into your RMS over the years. This data is now seamlessly transferred to your new software, ALL history included. This is one of the biggest advantages you as a business owner have to look at. Surely you can start on a brand new software full of new features and claiming to be a replacement for RMS, but you don’t get to bring your data.

The Choice is Yours!

Recommended replacement is your choice alone, it is not being forced, its only your decision. And we want to make sure you make an informed decision. Do you want to include some form of mobility or eCommerce in your solution? A replacement offer should include it. How about stock management on a mobile device? If yes, or even maybe, we have the recommended product for you.

You will find resemblance in this new software both in its interface and structure. You will be able to extend the functionality with ease under a well-supported platform.

We’re Here to Help You Make the Best Decision

With so much to consider, it can be overwhelming to navigate these options alone. Navisiontech is here to help you weigh your options to find the best product to fulfill the needs of your organization. We even have trial and demo versions available for a hands-on experience. Contact us today to learn how we can help you make the best decision for your organization.

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