See how Dynamics 365 Business Central easily manage drop shipment.

Drop shipment is a delivery that is sent from a supplier directly to the customer without prior delivery to the retailer with whom the order was placed. 1) To create a sales order for shipment On the sales line, we’ll select the drop shipment checkbox, now the drop shipment column is not available by default, so we’ll need to personalize the page to add the column. To start personalizing the page, we’ll choose the settings icon. Sales Order Click on setting icon and then personalize We’ll chose the lines fast tab to select that area, and then click +Field to open the Add Field to Page pane. We’ll find the drop shipment Boolean, and then drag it to the position we want to display it on the line. Let’s choose done and to exit personalization. Now that the sales order is ready 2) To create purchase order  We will create a new purchase order, but we won’t create any purchase lines On the shipping and payment fast tab, we’ll change the Ship-to field to “Customer Address” and then choose the customer. Now that we’ve defined the customer, we’ll choose Actions- Functions – Drop Shipment – Get Sales Order We’ll choose the sales order we created from the sales order list. This creates a new purchase line from the sales line If we want to check the purchase order from the sales line, we can choose the line we’re drop shipping and then choose order – drop shipment – purchase order. To post the drop shipment, we can either post the sales order or receive the purchase order. The purchase order cannot be invoiced until the sales order is posted. We can now invoice the purchase order

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