Keyboard Quick Reference – PC Only

Below are a few keyboard shortcuts are for the Dynamics 365 Business Central Web Client only.


Press these keys To do this
Alt+F2 Show and hide the FactBox pane
Alt+N Create a new record
Alt+Shift+N Close a newly created record and create a new one
Alt+O Add a new note for the selected record
Alt+Q Open Tell me
Alt+Up Open tooltip or validation error
Alt+Down Arrow Open a drop-down or look up
Alt+T Open the My Settings page
Alt+Shift+W Open the current card or document in a new window
Ctrl+Insert Insert a new line on a document
Ctrl-Delete Delete the line on a document, journal, or worksheet
Ctrl+Shift+F12 Maximize the line items part on a document page
Ctrl+F1 Open help for the page
Navigate when personalizing and customizing
Ctrl+Click Navigate when personalizing and customizing
Shift+F12 Open the role explorer, a feature overview
F5/Ctrl+F5 Refresh/reload page
Tab/Shift+Tab Move focus to the next/previous element
F6/Shift+F6 Move to next FastTab/part


Navigate & Select Rows

Press these keys To do this
Home/End Go to first/last field
Ctrl+Home/End Go to first/last row
Ctrl+Up/Down Navigate without losing selection
Ctrl+A Select all
Ctrl+Space Toggle row selection
Ctrl/Shift+Click Add the row/rows to the selection
Shift+Up/Down Add row above/below to selection
Shift+Page Up/Down Select visible rows above/below
Ctrl+Enter Focus out of the list


Copy & Paste

Press these keys To do this
Ctrl+C/V Copy/paste rows
F8 Copy field above into current row


Search, Filter, & Sort

Press these keys To do this
Alt+F7 Sort column in ascending/descending order
F3 Toggle search
Shift+F3 Toggle filter pane; focus on field filters
Alt+F3 Filter on selected cell value
Shift+Alt+F3 Add filter on selected field
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F3 Reset filters


Quick Entry

Press these keys To do this
Ctrl+Shift+Enter Go to next Quick Entry field outside a list
Enter/Shift+Enter Go to next/previous Quick Entry field


Report Preview

Press these keys To do this
Ctrl+Home/End Go to the first/last page


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