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Are you looking for the perfect solution to improve efficiency and increase profits while building positive relationships with your customers?

We help you to manage your business efficiently, whether there are single locations or multiple store chains with short shelf-life products and complex inventory, Navisiontech can help address many challenges facing retailers in the Grocery industry by helping manage needs: inventory management, point of sales (POS) and payroll. More sophisticated stores have began to focus on customer relationship management (CRM). We customize it for you.

Food retailers face many challenges today, from maintaining item lists to selecting the right products. The most common lost sales opportunity facing grocers are products going out-of-stock, averaging 8% industry wide and peaking to 16% during important product promotion periods. Navisiontech can provide up-to-date technology, which any company, large or small, can use to increase its efficiency, minimize costs, and maintain customer loyalty.

We understand your business.

Whether you have one location or a national chain, Navisiontech can implement a solution that can increase efficiency, reduce costs, and provide a better experience for customers.

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“Good” isn’t good enough for us

We offer the highest quality service for you to increase your business based on our Value Offering:

  • Flexibility | Navisiontech can help your software grow with you by adding or updating functionality to meet the changing needs of your business.
  • Head Office Control | The Head Office can direct and enforce store prices providing consistency and direct influence on the increase in sales.
  • Offline Capabilities | Each POS terminal can have a locally stored database allowing functionality even during periods of Internet or server downtime.
  • Scale Integration | Fast and accurate sales on weighed items at the POS and Integration with scales for daily pricing changes and updates automatically. Push pricing to your deli and bakery from the Head Office.
  • Reduced System Maintenance | Reduce labor costs by managing multiple stores with the Head Office controls.
  • Manageable Cost of Ownership | Our software solutions are customizable and scalable to match your needs and be cost-effective. Our systems can be purchased outright or flexible lease-to-own terms are available.
  • Advanced Inventory | Integrated wireless technology and electronic shelf labels make doing inventory manageable.
  • Stock Control | Maximize revenue with detailed information from customer sales by finding the right product mix for your store.

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