Part of what makes Navisiontech a great support resource for our clients is the wealth of knowledge and experience our team members bring to the table.

For instance, Zoltan is a software developer for Navisiontech, with a long history and extensive education in development and applications.

Zoltan, holds a bachelor’s degree in Programming and teaching Computer Science. He began his career in .Net and C# development, making customized solutions for business, and specializes in customized extensions/plug-ins for NAV and CRM software.

Among Zoltan’s expansive knowledge, he is proficient in such areas as Web/Desktop applications and ERP systems, all of which he has focused on in the past few years. He really enjoys concentrating on business applications, Web applications, and server/client related development.

One of Zoltan’s current projects involves Microsoft Dynamic 365 for Sales, which is designed to help clients improve productivity, and strengthen business relationships with sales customers, all while streamlining the sales process.

In addition, Zoltan holds certification in LS One, which is a customizable Point of Sale solution that was originally developed specifically to integrate easily with Dynamics ERP software AX. LS One has evolved to run independently of AX, and is now able to collaborate with any ERP software. It is designed to work on any Microsoft platform, Windows 7 or newer, and is a user-friendly solution for POS systems for retailers and the hospitality industry.

Zoltan also holds certification from Microsoft in .Net development, and is skilled in Java script development.

If you would like more information about how your business can benefit from LS One, or if you have questions or need help from Zoltan, or any other member of the Navisiontech team, please email me at