Here I would like to share the naming guidelines for AL file creation. Each file name must start with the corresponding type and ID, followed by a dot for full objects or a dash for extensions.
  1. Full object : <Type><Id>.<ObjectName>.al, such as
  2. Extensions: <Type><BaseId>-Ext<ObjectsId>.<ObjectsName>.al : page 50100
    1. MyPage extends Customer Card such as
  • It is required to use a prefix or suffix for the name property of the fields in your extension. You would then use the Caption/CaptionML values for what to display to the user. This avoids the collision of fields between extensions:
    • A tag must be at least three characters
    • The object/field name must start or end with the tag
    • If a conflict arises, the one who registered the tag always wins
    • Example: SalesPersonCode.SDM

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