Every day we learn something new. We installed some new Epson TM-T88VI printers in a very nice restaurant. It is best practice to assign receipt printers a static IP address, and its usually a straight forward procedure.
  • Open your browser
  • Navigate to printer’s IP address
  • Login with printer’s default IP address
  • go to settings, change IP to manual and set the address
However, this time, default username and password did not work. username: epson password: epson What could this be? Did i get a used printer? Of course the first thing i do, is factory reset. Its another procedure. Hold the feed button while printer is off, turn it on, release the feed button when light is flashing and follow instructions on paper, easy enough. So i do the reset and still unable to connect. ‘ Well, next i try in another browser, who knows what could this be. Chrome open and some warning message pops up, something like “this site is not secure, etc”, but normally there is a way to bypass it and just hit continue or something. Not now.
So research begins. Turns out that if you get to a web server that does not allow you to “Proceed” even is the page is not considered Safe, you can just type “badidea” or “thisisunsafe” and chrome will allow you to proceed.
This part of research aside, i am still unable to login to epson configuration page. Finally having contacted Epson support, we learned that Epson changed the default password for WebConfig access from “epson” to the serial number of the printer to comply with the regulations (Chapter 886) in California.
Without knowing this bit of information you will waste lots of time trying to login, and none of the epson manuals i found and searched, did not contain this information.
If you’re managing many printers for customers, you will want to know serial numbers before printers are installed, otherwise you will need to go onsite to get them or ask someone to give you a serial number. Maybe this new regulation is good, maybe now providers will actually be forced to keep better records of equipment.
Anyway, bottom line, if printers are on newer firmware, the default password is its serial number. This is true for FW 40.52A ESC/POS and on.
For the username, continue to use epson.
For the password, use the serial number of the printer.
If this post helped you, please leave a comment. In next post, coming up we will discuss how to print logos on receipts with LS Retail.