As you may already be aware, Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft. Beginning in 2020 the operating system became extinct. Yet up unitl not long ago, many vendors were still selling units with windows 7. We asked hardware vendors about proper ways to upgrade the units but received varying answers. Most of them involved spending over $300 dollars for a license. Maybe it’s fair but Microsoft offered free upgrades when 10 came out, right? You can also buy the OEM version of Windows 10 for about $150. It seemed strange that it would cost so much to upgrade the OS.

After some research, we decided to do an experiment. Microsoft offers Windows 10 Media Creation Tool

If you visit this site from a machine that runs Windows 7, you will be offered an “in-place” upgrade which I have to say worked like magic on several POS units that I upgraded.

Best of all, Windows 7 Pro license was successfully converted to Windows 10!

Next time I do one, I will be sure to create a step-by-step, but its pretty simple once you visit the URL. There was one POS that complained about the video driver, stating that it wouldn’t work because W10 doesn’t support that old hardware. I decided to do it anyway and what do you know? It still worked, especially since I wanted the POS to run in 600×800 resolution anyway.

I am not sure if this upgrade will work for everyone, it may be restricted to select versions, SKUs or hardware, but please comment below if it worked or didn’t work for you.

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