After importing a FOB with many objects and major table changes, you run the Dynamics NAV client and receive the following error:

Tenant ‘default’ is not accessible

*In a multitenant deployment, default will be replaced by the ID of the tenant that the client is trying to connect to.

Tenant is not accessible

This is because you must synchronize the newly modified application with the tenant in order for clients to be able to connect. 

To verify the state of the tenant, run the Get-NAVTenant cmdlet.

You may notice that the state is OperationalWithSyncPending.


Sync Tenant Runs on the middle tier (service tier) of Dynamics NAV’s three-tier architecture.

To run Sync Tenant:

  • Open the Dynamics NAV Administration/Development Shell as administrator. This must be opened from the Dynamics NAV Server.
  • Run the following commands in the command prompt:
    • Import-Module ‘C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\110\Service\NavAdminTool.ps1’
    • Sync-NAVTenant -ServerInstance ServerInstanceName -Mode ForceSync



You will receive a confirmation message because we are forcing the synchronization. Type ‘Y’ then the enter key to continue.

If you don’t want to force the sync, or if your instance is configured to be a multitenant instance, follow these instructions here.

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