Before reading about Calculating and Posting Statements in LS Central please keeps in mind that screenshots in this document may appear differently in your system. These screenshots are from an older version of NAV but the steps are the same for all versions from at least LS NAV 2013 – LS Central as of the posting of this article.

Calculating & Posting Statements

After selling items on the POS and finishing the End-of-Day Declaration or the Tender Declaration, and the Z-Report, if needed, the statements are calculated and posted.

  1. Go to LS Retail – BackOffice – Store Management – Lists – End-of Day – Statements- Open Statements. Click the NewNavigate to Open Statments
  2. Select your store. Enter the Transaction starting and Ending dates of the transactions you would like to calculate and post.Open Statement New
  3. Click Calculate Statement, confirm the action.
  1. The statements appear on the Open Statement card:Open Statement lines

Tender Types

Tender Type will be displayed as a code. To find out what each tender type code is for your setup, you can do a search for Tender Types (LS Retail – BackOffice – Store Management – History – End-of Day – Statements – Posted Statements Tender Types). Tender Type 1 is usually Cash.

Difference Amount

Before posting, the Difference Amount should be equal to 0.00 for all lines and the Counted Amount should equal the amount in the Trans. Amount field. If the Counted Amount is 0.00, you may manually enter the same amount shown in the Trans. Amount field. When you tab out of the field, the Difference Amount will change to 0.00.

  1. The statements are now ready to be posted. Click Post Statement. Confirm you want to post the Statement by clicking Yes.Post Statement

Viewing a Posted Statement

  1. The statements are now in the Posted Statements list (LS Retail – BackOffice – Store Management – History – End-of Day – Statements – Posted Statements):Posted Statements
  2. You can view a posted statement by selecting it from the statements list:Posted Statements View

Check the Balance After Posting

After posting, you can check the balance:

Go to LS Retail – BackOffice – Store Management – Lists – End-of Day – Safe Management – Store Safes, select a safe, and on the General FastTab click the number in the Balance field. The Safe Ledger Entry card opens. The amount there should be 1500 for the Fixed Float.Safe Ledger Entries

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